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ATMA Results 2012


ATMA Score Card

Each candidate will receive her/his ATMA score in the following format

Roll No
Test Date
Score% BelowScore% BelowScore% Below

Your Score has been sent to the following Institutes

No.Institute CodeName of the Institutes

12.2 Candidates can download their own score report from ATMA website www.atma-aims.org after  declaration of results for their reference.

12.3 ATMA score report for each candidate will contain four scores: viz quantitative, verbal, analytical and total. These scores are based on raw scores of each candidate and are statistically scaled with reference to the entire Test population. The first three scores measure different constructs and are neither comparable nor can be added to each other. Total scores range from 200 to 800. The scores can be easily interpreted, compared in each construct category and used for specific purposes. ATMA scores cannot be compared directly to other similar Test scores.

12.4 In addition to the scaled scores, the Score Report will also contain percent (%) below data. These indicate the percentage of candidates in the entire ATMA Testing population, who have scored below the candidate in that category. For example, if a candidate’s score sheet indicates 53%, it means that 53 percent of test candidates scored below her/him. Thus, the percentile score ranks an applicant to a management programme, in relation to other applicants, who have taken the Test.

12.5 ATMA scores in the Test taken on a particular date are valid to be used by the management Institutions for admissions in the next academic year only.

12.6 ATMA has so far been accepted by a number of Management Institutes, as one essential admission criterion in their post-graduate programmes in Management. Full addresses of these Institutions with code numbers and details of the programmes offered.

12.7 These Institutes have the exclusive authority to decide on admissions to their programmes. ATMA or AIMS has no role in their admission decisions. ATMA scores will be reported to the student as well as to the Institutions she/he designates in about a month after the Test date, for admissions in the next academic year.

12.8 Each candidate, besides her/his personal Score Report, can indicate three institutes with correct code numbers in the OMR application form (item no.11), to which she/he wants ATMA scores to be sent without any additional charge.

12.9 For additional reporting of the Test score, the candidate should write to the ATMA Office in Hyderabad, directly indicating the institutions to which her/his scores should be sent, with a fee of Rs.50/- per Institution applied for. The ATMA Office will send these scores within a week of the receipt of the request. For additional reporting, fill in the form and send it to the ATMA Office in Hyderabad, with the requisite fees. It is candidate’s responsibility to apply directly to the Institutes of her/his choice for admissions separately

12.10 The ATMA Office will only forward the scores to the Institutes, designated by the students. Students are expected to apply to the various Institutes for their Admission Bulletins and Application Forms, within the deadlines for admissions to each Institute.

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